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Designed for Universal Living

The Cashell project has been conceived and seeks to be approved as the very first accessible community in Maryland, under Montgomery County's new "Design For Life" program. It is designed to deliver all 19 of the units as 100% completely visitable and livable accessible homes - through the use of features such as zero step entries, large doors and hallways, wheelchair accessible elevators, smartly-designed easy-circulation-path kitchens and bathrooms, and specially configured exterior common areas that will have a truly inclusive, universal appeal - unlike any communities ever built before.

These townhomes will look like and be designed to sell as regular, conventional units, and will appeal to the traditional townhome buyer, but will feature enhancements that will additionally make them attractive to meet the needs of

  • physically challenged and disabled residents, including our nation's wounded warriors

  • seniors or move-down buyers who prefer to age-in-place as long as possible rather than be forced to move to assisted living

  • multi-generational families

The units will provide the following design features to comply with the 100% Level II Design For Life standard and appeal to buyers of all ages and abilities:

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